Telephone Fair Use Policy

1. Introduction

Fibre Options has introduced this Policy to ensure that all of its residential and small business customers receive a high-quality telephone service. For the purposes of this Policy, small business customers are defined as those whose premises support less than 10 employees and who take a single line telephony service with a single number as part of our SoHo broadband product offering.

For those businesses with more than 10 employees or those who wish to take a multi-user service with multiple lines or numbers, we are able to offer a range of packages which would be subject to separate contracts and policies.

2. Services that are subject to this Policy

The service allows you to make unlimited (within a usage profile reasonably expected of a customer using this service for domestic or small business purposes) free calls to UK destinations such as numbers beginning in 01, 02, & 03 (excluding 01534 and 01481 Channel Islands and 01624 Isle of Man phone numbers) at no charge for the first hour of call duration.

Thereafter, a standard per minute charge will be applied if the call you make lasts over an hour. All of our call tariffs are published on our website:

However, if you want to continue your call, free of charge, you are advised to end the call and then redial it to continue.

Again, the first hour of your call will be free before charges are applied in respect of every minute you spend over the hour on this same call.

All numbers dialled beginning with the numbers 0500 or 0800 remain free of charge for the duration of the calls. This is because the parties who receive the calls pay for such calls.

3. Call types excluded from this Policy

The following call types are excluded from this Policy. You will be automatically charged for these calls at our standard tariffs (which are published on our website:

  • Calls to the Channel Islands, as detailed in Section 2 of this Policy
  • All mobile calls (e.g. numbers beginning with 07)
  • All international calls (e.g. all numbers beginning with 00 except 0044 (UK))
  • All Premium Rate Service calls (e.g. all PRS numbers beginning with 09)
  • Calls to Number Translation Services (NTS) (e.g. numbers such as 0845, 0870, 0871, 0844 etc)
  • All directory enquiry services prefixed by 118
  • All other dialling codes, not mentioned either in this Section or in Section 2 of this Policy
4. Abiding by our Policy

If we reasonably believe that your use of the Telephone Service, including, but not limited to, the total number of calls you make to UK numbers, is not consistent with a normal, fair and reasonable use of such telephone service, then we will be entitled, at our option, to:

  • Impose limits on the free call service we offer to UK numbers
  • Charge you, at our standard tariff rate for all the calls you made to UK numbers in excess of the number of calls reasonably expected of a customer using this service for domestic or small business purposes

We will inform you of our intention to charge for such calls before amending your account operation. All of our call tariffs are published on our website: