About Derwenthorpe

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust’s vision is to make Derwenthorpe one of the most environmentally friendly and advanced housing developments in the UK, setting the standards for communities in the 21st Century.

As part of this vision, JRHT are committed to providing the residents of Derwenthorpe with the most advanced broadband service available today that will serve residents for many years to come.

The fibre optic network that serves your home on the Derwenthorpe development is a sophisticated, high speed network able to deliver advanced broadband, telephony and television services today while possessing sufficient capacity to support all anticipated services of the future.

The network as installed today is able to support speeds up to 1Gbps making it suitable for delivery of the ultra-high definition and 3D television channels of the future.
With derwenthorpe.net, you can make calls and surf the Internet the day you move into your new home.
Furthermore, because the network is being installed while the houses at Derwenthorpe are being built, we can ensure that your telephone line and broadband service are configured and ready to go when you move in. So there’s no need for you to wait weeks for a service and have to take time off work to wait for an engineer. Just contact us a few days before you move in to confirm the service that you require and we will ensure that it is ready to go when you arrive in your new home.


Click below for a 3D fly-through of this exciting new development

David Wilson Homes – Derwenthorpe HD Animation – 8 March 2012. from 3D Visualisation Ltd on Vimeo.