If you have any queries about the service delivered over the Derwenthorpe network, we may well have addressed them in our FAQs below. If not, please feel free to contact us via the Contact page.


Will I be able to use my services on the day that I move into my new home?

 Yes, it is our intention to ensure that all services are live on the day that you move in. If you have completed our form online or at the Marketing Suite, we will contact you well in advance of your Completion Date to confirm your requirements and ensure that all necessary paperwork is in place. Please note that if you wish to bring your telephone number with you, we will need at least 2 weeks notice in order to effect the transfer.

Am I able to receive Sky+, Sky HD and Sky Q over the fibre network?

 Yes, the fibre network delivers all the necessary satellite signals to provide you with whatever service you want, Sky, Sky+, Sky HD, Sky Q and also Freesat. You simply need to purchase the appropriate set-top box from your provider and plug it into your wall sockets.

If you are delivering my TV service on the underground fibre network, do I still need a TV licence?

Yes. You need to be covered by a valid TV Licence if you watch or record TV as it’s being broadcast. This includes the use of devices such as a computer, laptop, mobile phone or DVD/video recorder. 

Can I retain my existing phone number?

Yes. We will need you to sign a form giving us authorisation to arrange the  porting of your number from your current telephone supplier and we will need a copy of your latest telephone bill. There is a one-off charge of £24 to complete the transfer and we can typically arrange the number to be available in your new home within 10 working days of your request. Further information is available here.

Can I retain my existing e-mail address?

You will need to contact your previous provider to discuss this. Most providers will no longer support e-mail addresses if the customer is no longer subscribing to their service. Some do offer the option of paying a small monthly fee in order to retain addresses.

Can I keep my @btinternet or @btopenworld e-mail account?

Yes, BT offer a premium e-mail service that enables you to continue to use your BT e-mail address. You can find details of the service here

I work from home. Can I have a separate phone line for my business calls?

Yes, we can provide a second phone line with a unique phone number. The cost for a second line is £5 + VAT per month and our standard Max and World packages can be ordered for this line. We are able to provide a separate VAT invoice for the second line if required.

What is the monthly download limitation?

Simply, there is none. We do not believe in restricting downloads and then charging penalties once the limit is exceeded. As long as you are considerate and abide by our fair usage policy, you may download what you want, within reason.

Does the service include wireless?

Since your home is cabled with a network port in every room, it may be that you will not have a need for wireless connectivity. However, your network device does include 802.11n wireless capability and should provide wireless coverage throughout most of your home. Should you need additional boosters to reach areas of low coverage within your home, we would be able to advise you on suitable products to achieve this.

Can I use my own wireless router on the fibre network?

This depends upon the type of wireless router that you have. Most routers connect to an ADSL line and since our technology does not utilise ADSL, these will not work. However, many wireless routers now offer an Ethernet WAN connection (often a Yellow RJ-45 network connector) as well as the DSL connection. These routers will work if you select the Ethernet WAN connection. Please contact us should you have any queries or wish to confirm the suitability of your router.