Number Porting

In most instances it is possible to retain your existing telephone number and transfer (port) it to your Fibre Options service.

We can generally port most numbers from the larger providers such as BT, Virgin Media, Talk Talk and Sky as well as those from other UK VoIP providers.

We are often able to port more obscure numbers but please contact us well in advance of your required transfer date in order for us to determine if it is possible.

Please be aware that when you port your existing BT number to us, the line will be disconnected on the day of the port. It is likely that your telephone line also provides your internet access and so you will also lose the ability to connect to the internet once your line is disconnected.

Please do not contact your existing telephone provider to terminate your line, we will do this for you as part of the porting process. In fact, if you contact BT and cancel the service before the transfer date, the process will fail and you may well be no longer able to use the number. We recommend that you do not cancel your service until after the port has taken place.

Please be aware that you may be liable for early cancellation charges from your current provider should you still have a period to run on your existing contract. It is wise to confirm these charges with your existing provider in advance of starting the porting process.

If you wish to port a number please provide us with:

1. A completed form requesting the transfer:

Fibre Options Number Porting Form

2. A copy of a recent telephone bill confirming your name address and telephone number (this enables us to contact your current provider on your behalf)

3. A signed Direct Debit mandate:

Fibre Options Direct Debit Mandate

Once you have completed the forms, please send them by email to Customer Services at or post them to us.

The porting process typically takes 10 working days and we will be able to confirm the day on which the port is scheduled to take place around 5 days in advance.

The process costs £20 (plus VAT) per number.