Life-line Telephone Services

Traditional copper telephone lines enabled sufficient power to be sent down the line from the local exchange to power your telephone hand-set. It is a little known fact that if there was a localised power cut, your telephone would continue to work as it received its power, not from your house supply, but from the local telephone exchange. People also tend to be unaware that if they were using the increasingly popular DECT telephones, these required their own local power source and therefore would not function in the event of a power failure.

Since the telephone service at Derwenthorpe is delivered over a fibre optic network which, as it uses light as its transmission method, is not able to support the delivery of power, and therefore provision needs to be made to ensure continuity of service in the event of a power failure, should that be important to you. For advice on suitable methods of ensuring continuity in the event of a power failure, please contact us.