The Network

The technology at the heart of the network is based on state of the art fibre optic equipment and cabling that will enable us to keep up with technical advances for many years to come.

Many Service Providers are promoting “fibre optic broadband” but in reality their networks only feature fibre to the local street cabinet at best and they are still reliant upon ageing copper technology for the final connection into the home. As time goes on, this copper cabling will prove a significant bottleneck to the delivery of new and innovative services that are already becoming available.

The network at Derwenthorpe is based solely on fibre optic cabling and this technology today is able to deliver broadband speeds 2000 times as fast as the fastest “fibre optic broadband” offered by major Service Providers. While it is true that the equipment in your home would need to change to support such speeds, the cabling leading into your home will never need to be changed.

The fibre optic network extends from the Energy Centre through an underground duct network directly into your home. Each home has a dedicated fibre optic connection all the way back to the Energy Centre and so in future we will be able to offer dedicated services to each resident, should they require it.

Your television connection is also carried over this fibre optic network but in this instance we split the signal underground in the streets into 8 identical feeds servicing 8 homes. Fibre optic cables feature extremely low loss characteristics and so the signal that is received is stronger than a connection over coaxial cabling from a dish on your roof.