Sky, Freesat, Freeview and DAB Radio service all delivered to your home through the underground fibre network.

Your television service is delivered over the same robust, high capacity fibre optic network that delivers your broadband and telephony services.

We have installed a single satellite dish and aerial on the Energy Centre that serves the whole of the Derwenthorpe development. This dish provides all the channels available on the Sky and Freesat platforms while the aerials deliver Freesat and DAB Radio programming.

All signals are converted into light for transmission over the fibre optic network direct into your home on the second fibre optic connection. Since the signals are carried by light over fibre cables rather than electrical signals over copper cables, the signals are less affected by electrical interference than if carried by conventional copper cables and therefore should provide superior signal quality.


The fibre cable connects to the GTU termination unit mounted in your Next Gen Cabinet and this provides you with 4 totally independent satellite feeds along with a single Freeview feed.

These connections are presented on the wall sockets around your home to enable you to connect Sky, Sky+ (two connections required) or Freesat set-top boxes to the satellite connections or a Freeview set-top box to the TV connection. We also provide a Radio socket to provide you with the very best DAB Radio reception.


Please note that in order to receive television signals you must purchase either a Freesat or Freeview box or contact Sky in order to sign up to their service.

Please click on the images below to order your Sky services or Freeview/Freesat set-top boxes.