High speed broadband based on fibre optic technology.

There are currently three broadband services available on the fibre optic network. They can be selected alone or taken as a bundle with one of our low cost telephone plans.


[h4_underlined] Light [/h4_underlined]

For those just needing basic access to the Internet for e-mail and general browsing, the Light plan offers a 5Mbps symmetrical service with no download limitation at an affordable monthly price.


[h4_underlined] Superfast [/h4_underlined]

The standard plan offers a 20Mbps symmetrical service suitable for most web applications. With no monthly download limits, this plan provides a competitively priced broadband service with the added advantage of fast upload speeds.


[h4_underlined] Lightspeed [/h4_underlined]

For the ultimate Internet experience, the up to 1Gbps Lightspeed plan provides high speed access allowing rapid download or streaming of HD movies and other video content, with no monthly download limit.