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  • Broadband

    High speed broadband based on fibre optic technology. There are currently three broadband services available on the derwenthorpe.net fibre optic network. They can be selected alone or taken as a bundle with one of our low cost telephone plans.   [h4_underlined] Light [/h4_underlined] For those just needing basic access to the Internet for e-mail and […]

  • Telephone

    Low cost national and international telephone calls with free calls to any number in Derwenthorpe. The telephone service offered on Derwenthorpe net is based on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Although similar in many respects to to Skype, it offers far superior quality and a guaranteed level of service to ensure that all your […]

  • Television

    Sky, Freesat, Freeview and DAB Radio service all delivered to your home through the underground fibre network. Your television service is delivered over the same robust, high capacity fibre optic network that delivers your broadband and telephony services. We have installed a single satellite dish and aerial on the Energy Centre that serves the whole […]